Oggi Beat is a live multimedia experience. They are musician/producers from San Francisco CA, who create compositions of rhythmic ((sound)) and light. The core duo Greg Galbreath and Tim Honan interweave beats, live instruments, samples, movie clips, and phrases into musical journeys. Every piece, whether live or in studio, is created with a strong framework of rhythm, onto which are hung various sonic and visual elements, forming a conversation that is the basis for this “live” intermingling of music and media improvisations.

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w/ Jazz Mafia maestro Adam Theis, on horns and Celso Alberti (Steve Winwood, Aierto Moriera) on drums - Please enjoy!

Their musical style mixes latin jazz, house music, ambient, dub and other electo-acoustic infused sounds. At its core the music is about deep grooves, tight beats and infectious melodies.

The band is currently releasing new work on OggiBeat.com, and booking live shows for 2012. Part live band, part DJ and media/video projection - Oggi Beat is a perfect booking for clubs, festivals, parties or galleries.

Oggi Beat puts together different configurations of musicians for different kinds of gigs. They have been known to play a stripped down dj / instrument duo with bass, keys, laptops and electronics. Other gigs have featured Brazilian percussionist Chris Thomas or Brazilian drummer/producer Celso Alberti. Still other gigs may include a full horn section with the band. Whatever is called for.

Booking contact:| tim@amalgamedia.net | 415.407.2050
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Keyboardist, composer, and programmer Greg Galbreath is a lifelong musician, having started on the piano at the age of 5. Through many years of classical study, and with his later studies of jazz, his musicality across many instruments and genres of music developed naturally and continues to this day. His music is influenced by everything from choral accompaniments and classical to rock, jazz, hip hop, house, and techno. The expression of this can be heard both in the range of styles of his own compositions, and in his flexibility as collaborator.

As a keyboardist who grew up along side the invention of the synthesizer, Greg has a deep and abiding love of both the instruments themselves, and with the overall extension of musical possibilities that has come from the emergence of electronic music technology. This love of technology has led to his current instrument configuration, which uses a laptop running Ableton Live, Max4Live, Camel Alchemy, and Livid Cell vj software, along side a synced video projector, played through a single 88 key Nord piano. Brought together they allow a structured improvisational backdrop to be performed realtime with beats, synths, samples, and visuals, and provide an ideal environment for the exploration of musical possibilities.

Bassist. Composer. Vocals. Producer.

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